My name is Bill Hamilton, and my company is The Pet Uncle. I have a strong background in animal care and advocacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. I rescued my first cat, Norman, in 1997. I then started volunteering at San Francisco Animal Care and Control (ACC) in 1999, a year after I adopted my second cat, Max, from there. (I’m still enjoying Max’s company. Norman passed away on October 6, 2011.) I volunteered at ACC for six years, walking and training dogs, mostly strong bully breeds like pit bulls, whom I love. That’s where I learned how to handle and walk all types of dogs, from shy to hyper.

In 2000 I founded the nonprofit Friends of San Francisco Animal Care and Control (FSFACC), which I ran as President until 2007. I’m most proud of the thousands of dollars in grants we raised and gave to local nonprofits that rescued animals from ACC.

In 2005 I was appointed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to the San Francisco Animal Control and Welfare Commission, where I served the usual two-year term and introduced and supported several important animal welfare proposals. Since 2003 I have been an active volunteer with the SF/SPCA Cat Assistance Team, caring for 12 outdoor feral cat colonies a day as well as nursing sick kitties back to health, teaching others how to trap humanely, transporting cats for those without a vehicle, and trapping cats for spay/neuter surgery at the SPCA feral fix clinic before nursing them back to health and releasing them back to their usual habitat. I take tame kittens to Animal Care and Control to be adopted. I have lost count of all the cats I have helped. I also volunteer for and am on the board of Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue, the largest and most successful cat rescue nonprofit in San Francisco.

I am the lucky “parent” of my own troop of indoor and outdoor (formerly homeless) kitties at my home in Daly City (near "The Top of the Hill"), many of whom I have nursed back to health over the years, so I am comfortable pilling cats, administering subcutaneous fluids, giving injections, mixing compounded medications in wet food and, of course, playing with the playful ones and socializing with the mellower ones. If a cat wants to be left alone I know how to do that too. I’m insured, mature, responsible, reliable, a member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, and my rates are competitive, especially for the level of service I provide. My business is also licensed in Daly City. I serve all of San Francisco and northern San Mateo County (north of the city of San Mateo). I love ALL animals, whether or not they are friendly to me. I will treat your pet like my own.